I have made the photographic essay entitled "Deus Revelavit Mihi " (God revealed me) words of San Francisco de Asís, and I am pleased to present it here.

This work is a complex set of people and situations of a different nature which are muddled in the Bible; the Bible in its many chapters is full of characters and themes connected in aberrant stories and where human and divine cruelty is generally seen. The project is not aimed at anyone who has a religious thought, there is no purpose for indoctrinating; it is intended to raise the question of why Judeo-Christian theology is so effective through storytelling? and in this case this vehicle of visual opinion, can benefit from this human nature and its proclivity for the stories.

he work is done with non-professional models and in no case have the photos been modified with Photoshop or any other image processing software, only small adjustments of color, brightness, etc. have been made. 

The perspective under which it has worked is conceptual, elegant and alternative. 
I hope you like it. 

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